About us

Company OSMOS, s.r.o. is a limited company. It acquired the legal form on 6 October 2005.

In our company we apply the principles of quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Since its establishment the company has undergone a progressive development and succeeded in the home and foreign markets thanks to the high quality of its services. Nowadays it belongs to the most successful Slovak companies and it exports approx. 90 % of its production to the EU countries.

 Development and construction:

We support the development of products and cover the production area from the draft design to the implementation in production, including complex deliveries and mass production. We are a partner in the area of design, production, technological solutions and cooperation of production.

  • Proposal and optimalisation of plastic products including the Mold flow analysis and the production of fully functional prototypes
  • Testing of proposed products in terms of functionality and lifespan
  • Constructions of injection molds – complex production process of a mold from its proposal to its testing, delivery and launching in the mass production
  • Proposal and production of clamping, machining, controlling and meter formulations
  • Construction of tools
  • Development and construction of one-purpose machines and appliances
  • Constrution documentation


The production takes place partly on our production solutions as well as with our cooperation partners who also cover the most demanding production operations. The delivery of the products right from the production, eventually from the consignment stores including packaging and delivery.

  • Production of molds, tools and formulations
  • Production of plastic products and sets, large mass production
  • Engineering little mass production and prototype production
  • Engineering production cooperations
  • Exhaustion of free production capacities


We provide complex solutions for production control and for data collection about the product in course of its production and life cycle. Monitoring and efffective control of production helps to optimize the production activities and operations, reduce costs and increase the effectivity of production.

  • Automatized calculations and price offers
  • On-line collection and evaluation of production data right from production
  • Direct connection with store economy and MRP systems Priame
  • Detailed production plans
  • Adjustable reports for various work positions with an instant actual production overview